As most know or one with a little skill using Google could discover that there is quite a bit of controversy of whether or not drones in general for commercial use should be illegal or regulated by the FAA. Having a passion for flight and aviation using a drone is addicting whether it is flying it on the weekends for fun taking photos of a pasture full of cattle or keeping my three year old niece entertained. The problem with taking these unique photos that provide a different perspective than most of us are accustomed to is that I can use my drone in the exact same manner to capture photos of real estate as a broker and all of a sudden it becomes illegal. Although there has been, that I know of, one real estate company that has been approved to use their drone for commercial use, it should be more streamlined for our industry. The permitting process for a drone is quite burdensome, especially if I was not handy using a computer. I believe consumers both buying real estate as well as selling recognize the benefit of adding the unique perspective of aerial photos to the marketing of real estate.